CurWay Coffepot no2

•April 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I´ve been playing a lot with sculpties lately and created some new nifty things. I thought I should release this one as a new contribution to CurWays line of coffepots and gadgets.

This espresso coffepot is a sculptie and is only 2 prims (?!!!). The price is 249L and at the moment of writing this the coffepot can be bought at the inworld store and on, It might be released on Xstreet later on as well.

The coffepot will give anyone clicking it a mug of steaming coffe, much like my other coffeepot.


St Lucia celebrations in Second Life

•December 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Just a quick post about the St Lucia celebrations in Second Life this year. I might get back on this later but for now… Just as last year, residents in Second Life will have the opportunity to witness a real St Lucia train in Second life.

The event will be held at the Swedish Embassy in SL Saturday the 12th of December at 11AM. If you miss the first one there´s another one at 01:30PM.

The St Lucia, St Lucy or “Sankta Lucia” is a Scandinavian tradition. Read more about it here:

Here´s a SLurl to the event:

New from CurWay: Gingerbread cookie baking set

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Christmas time is upon us and that means getting out the baking supplies and making treats for our family and loved ones. CurWay makes this easy with the Gingerbread cookie baking set which includes: animation for the wooden rolling pin, cookie dough, cookie dough rolled out and cut in heart shaped cookies and a baking sheet/pan with heart shaped cookies ready to go into the oven. This baking set is only 6 prims and sells for only $149L. A great Christmas gift or addition to your own kitchen.

In the store there are gift cards that can be used to purchase this product to someone else.

The baking set can be found inworld at the CurWay mainstore:

Having a Christmas fair?

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This somewhat odd CurWay product (Usually interiour and kitchens) was a custom made build originally. The christmas market stall is perfect for any market fairs but especially christmas oriented. The textures on the inside is lit to give a feeling of light and warmth from the stall in darkness/night mode.

Garlands are not linked in and can be separated. The pack comes with two sizes of the stall in red and green. Prim count is 27 for the small one and 44 prims for the bigger one.

This stall can be purchased inworld at the CurWay mainstore:

Treasure hunt at CurWay

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prisskylt_candelabra_redAt the treasure hunt starting the 6th of November and going on for three days, you can get a hold of this CurWay Christmas Candelabra.

The treasure hunt is a part of the gridwide hunt called The Great Grid-wide Goldrush.

The candelabra has baked textures and does not use particles in order to visualize the flame.

The art of building a mainstore

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I just realized that I haven´t even mentioned the new main store in the blog-o-sphere yet. For a good while now I have been thinking that CurWay needed a main store building that more reflected CurWays profile and design.  Something that I had built myself from scratch.

The ones reading that run businesses in SL know the challenges of creating a good main store. The demands are very high, especially if you have been running it for a while and know what you want and need.

In my case the goals for the new store was these:

  • Flexibility– to quickly adapt the store after current space and needs.
  • Profile – The mainstore had to match CurWays profile and design
  • Prims – less prims then the old store (and still look as good if not better)
  • Size – Bigger, I needed more floorspace
  • Roof height – I wanted more air into the store
  • Wall space – The wall space in the old store was somewhat limited
  • Store windows – I wanted a solution to the problem with store windows and the problem of making foot traffic able to see the products from the street.

The store was created in sections to make it easier to quickly rearrange walls and other parts of the store.

The old building was very nice but every time I rebuilt it it got more and more complicated. The constant rearranging of walls, floors etc had left its marks.

The new building is built into segments or modules to fit the need to quickly rearrange the building. New parcels are added and moved around constantly so I needed something that was flexible and still looked good.

The solution was to construct the store in sections. All the sections can be individually moved and rearranged.

When it came to the design of the store I wanted it to reflect the CurWay furniture. Something contemporary but still with a warm and personal feeling. The signs and signage in the store is still pretty much the same as in the old store with the exception of a few new sign formats.


New sign formats had to be created to suit the new store. Here a horisontal version with lights.

When it came down to the prims its easy to understand the importance. Prims costs money. For every prim paid the business owner needs to sell something to pay for it. The less prims contra sales the more margins for harder times. To keep the prim count down I used a mix of ordinary prims and mega prims.


The end result was 465 prims with the signage. In a way you could say that with a price of 1,4L/prim and week the store building itself costs CurWay ca 650L a week.

Whats left of the tier and prims can be used to exponate products. There might still be places to save more prims but I´m pretty much satisfied with this considering the size of the building ( 5600 sq m).

The store can be visited inworld using this SLurl:

New from CurWay – Hammock no 3!

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Hello people!

I haven´t been able to work as much with new products for a while but here´s one 🙂 New beach hammock from CurWay! Hammock no 3. Its basically the Hammock no 2 with new fabrics.

Its all out and rezzed out on display in the store.

Cur Waydelich